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Our online store contains Boat Hardware and Fittings. Boat bits are our speciality. Quality Marine Hardware, Equipment and Supplies with products such as Sailing Furlers, Air Vents, Bronze Plumbing & fittings, Desalinators / Watermakers, Sailing hardware, Boat Hatches & Portlights, Steering & Rudder bearings, Toilets / Head, Bow & Stern Tunnel Thrusters, Polish, Rope, Safety Equipment, Washing Machines, Windlasses, Water Purifiers, Hydrogeneators, Hose and more.

Southern Seas Marine is Australian authorized distributor for Goiot, Garhauer, Lavac, Katadyn, Trident, Watt & Sea, Lofrans, Max Power, Guidi and Jefa Steering & Bearings. We also are suppliers for Satellite Phone and Fleet Broadband, Boombrakes, LPG cylinders plus our very own Cleats, Hinges and Deck Fillers.

Any questions or inquiries please don’t hesitate to call us or our knowledge is available anytime by e-mail.

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